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Welcome to New Heart New World!

Thank you so much for being here. I’m super excited to share these offerings with you.

This is a place where your heart can find sanctuary from the confusion and chaos of our beloved planet. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean!

Properly nourished, your happy New Heart can then go on to create great things as part of a majestic New World.

Here I hope to be able to share, express,educate, create, reassure, encourage, motivate, assist, accompany, and most of all inspire you through your heart to be who you were always meant to be, or more of who you truly are.

Getting real can actually be a lot of fun when done in a way that doesn’t harm the planet, you or anyone else.

You learn so much throughout life, but there are also very important things you don’t learn.

I’m here to help provide you with access to knowledge that you can’t find in the usual educational settings.

In a world where fake news is expected, so much is subjective.

Your truth, my truth, their truth, our truth.

But is there THE truth?

That Which Does Not Change

The crazy thing about our information age is that there is so much of it but it is always changing. How can we live our best life when the ground is always shaking beneath us?

Even scientific evidence is always being revised and constantly being updated. What was true yesterday isn’t necessarily true today.

Nothing stays the same.

EXCEPT one thing.

The thing that you can build your house, life, relationships and heart on, because it is everlasting and unchanging. It never, ever changes because it is not only information but it is knowledge of the highest order.

The kind of knowledge that fills the heart and senses, the kind of knowledge that isn’t proven wrong tomorrow and that most of all, which satisfies the soul.

When was the last time your heart sang?

This kind of knowledge is where you can learn the unique melody of your heart - and dance to it with glee!

When your heart sings, it’s time to follow that tune. You will know the truth because you will feel it.

Start looking at life through a pristine lens - not the foggy, smoke and mirrors lens of the filter of society.

The pristine lens shows us the essence of life and love, making our hearts sing operatic arias and our feet dance with abandon.

The pristine lens I speak of is called Bhakti Yoga - the ancient, timeless spiritual teachings and lifestyle, of the principle of love.

The Science

However, we actually live in an age of science and rigorous evidence based discovery, which seems quite contrary to the cultivation of a life of deep reflection, meditation and love.

For example, when was the last time a scientific discovery in itself, made you feel deeply loved and connected and inspired your heart to give love to others?

It is less likely that science and its discoveries brought you to a state of rapturous ecstasy and a sense of connection than for example, a walk in the forest or an exciting conversation with a loved one.

Science actually has the potential to deviate us away from what is truly important - the connection with our soul and with the Supreme Soul.

We can become so engrossed in the workings of science, the constantly changing evidences and trying to control the things that are clearly out of our control, that we forget who we really are.

However, everything, including science can be of great benefit to humanity when used in the service of something greater.

It can be a recipe for disaster - already evident all around us - when we are busy creating a world where we alone personally benefit without considering humanity at large and our planet as a whole.

We abandon the concept of higher levels of understanding - which in all likelihood we may not even think much about - for the latest device.

However, if we use the same device to help others understand their true spiritual nature and come to a place of deep satisfaction within themselves, then we create auspiciousness rather than invite chaos into our world.

But first we have to access those higher levels of understanding through the lens of spiritual science - the spiritual scientific knowledge contained within the philosophy and practice of Bhakti Yoga which is definitely within our grasp, as thinking, feeling and willing human beings.

We simply have to choose it.

The Evidence

Anyway, something is definitely not working here on planet earth.

It’s time for a new strategy.

Time to elevate our consciousness.

The best way to assist others to elevate their consciousness is to elevate our own first.

This is difficult to achieve through the hard edges and cold, clinical surfaces of modern day science but instead can be blissfully achieved through the more ancient science of Bhakti Yoga.

This ancient eastern philosophy is actually a precise science - also known as the science of self realisation.

Like any science it comes with essential evidence.

The evidence lies at three main levels:

1.the knowledge gained from the ancient, sacred Bhakti Yoga texts

2.our own discernment and logical appraisal regarding this knowledge, and very importantly

3.through our own personal experience of the transformational process of discovering our true spiritual identity through the concepts, principles and lifestyle of Bhakti Yoga.

There is no modern scientific match for the beauty on offer through the teachings and practice of the science of Bhakti Yoga, because it can be directly experienced and felt at the deepest level of the soul.

The Bhakti Yoga lifestyle, including the foundational Sacred Mantra Meditation, is one of feasting, singing, dancing and vibrant festivals in blissful style that celebrates our identity as a spirit soul and that does not harm ourselves or others.

The God Who Dances

As Friedrich Nietzsche said: “I would only believe in a god who could dance.”

If he were here right now, he would have come to the right place.

Not only does God dance but He has a divine feminine counterpart with whom His dancing finds its ultimate expression.

Bhakti Yoga has come to tell you its secrets. And they are not ordinary.

Come and join me in exploring the treasures of Bhakti Yoga so you too can get your New Heart and unleash it onto a New World based on its soul stirring foundational principles.


Feel free to start by checking out my other blogs for more information.

You can find a lot more concise information by checking out my educational videos containing secrets of the ancient, timeless knowledge of Bhakti Yoga - literally at your fingertips.

The Bookshelf is also a good place to start the Bhakti Yoga magic.

If you would like these blogs delivered directly to your inbox, you may like to subscribe.

A fabulous way to connect to similar minds and hearts is to find an international Bhakti Yoga Centre near you (Branches of ISKCON - The International Society of Krishna Consciousness), where you can speak to an experienced yoga practitioner and receive personal guidance.

If you would like to explore how you can incorporate Bhakti Yoga into your life in a balanced and harmonious way, and feel you would benefit from one on one support, you are welcome to book a free discovery session with myself, Rasika Manjari.

See you at the New World.


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