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Why Bhakti Yoga?

Let’s face it, sometimes life is just plain out of control and we could all use a bit of help. 

After all, it’s time for a heart shaped change, and for many, it’s called Bhakti Yoga.


Although vast, the teachings of Bhakti Yoga are relevant, personal and specific.  In its profound understanding of humanity, it can show you levels of personal satisfaction that you may have never known before .  


The purpose of New Heart New World is to demonstrate to you how these sacred teachings can connect you with:

•    yourself

•    with others,

•    with the planet and with 

•    the supreme source of all love, Krishna (God)

in profound and meaningful ways.

What’s in it For You?

Do you have everything but ‘nothing’ and are distressed by a lack of meaning in your life?


Do you have burning existential questions such as  Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? 


Do you question current societal norms and wish to embrace a more spiritual outlook and lifestyle?


If so, then Bhakti Yoga is for you. Answers to questions that cannot be found anywhere else, can be found on the pages of the Bhakti Yoga texts as well as through the voice of your heart.  Your heart is speaking to you all the time. 


The sensory experiences of the sacred music, sanctified food, like minded association and the rich culture of Bhakti Yoga, speak the language of the heart and are transformative in themselves. 


They are designed to set you free.


So, if you are someone looking for alternatives to the mundane struggle of life, then you are in the right place! 


If you are in search of the extraordinary and want to know the secret of happiness and are motivated to do what it takes to get there, then Bhakti Yoga is for you.


If you have had previous exposure to spiritual principles and have a sincere desire to explore spiritual life  in more depth with an open mind and heart, you may also want to taste the spiritual candy of Bhakti Yoga!

Get ready for your New Heart and New World with other new hearts!

Feel free to reach out and let's get you connected!

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Empower Yourself

The philosophy, culture and practice of the ancient, timeless and unchanging teachings of Bhakti Yoga is relevant today more than ever in our fast paced world of change and uncertainty.


 When it is embodied and applied in daily life, it not only relieves stress but results in the elevation of consciousness through it's crystal clear lens. The result is gaining first hand experience of the little spoken about pleasure of spiritual life. 


This pleasure is sanctioned and eclipses all forbidden pleasures!


After all, happiness is a necessity not a luxury in spiritual life and our level of internal happiness is a good gauge of spiritual progress.


Existential enquiry, such as “who am I?”, “why am I here?” is a function of being human and is the beginning of spiritual life. It is an indication of ripeness for further spiritual education and understanding.

Ultimately, we are meant for much more.  Sadly, not everyone knows that and less still, how to actually achieve it.

We owe it to ourselves to strive for our highest potential as human beings and it starts with knowledge.

After all, knowledge is power.

Whether arising from distress, financial hardship, inquisitiveness or innate wisdom, answers to the questions of life are found in great detail in the Bhakti Yoga texts, starting with the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, which forms the introduction and core principles of this sacred science. 


The culture and practice of Bhakti Yoga gives meaning to any life situation, thanks to the supportive framework of its philosophy. 


So don’t worry if you feel it’s not the right time! It’s always the right time to find out who you really are and Bhakti Yoga will help you.


Through personal coaching, self study and practice, you can be successful no matter what your circumstances or starting point, as your internal framework and general world view evolves to a more spiritual and inclusive perspective. 


Joining a group of like minded people can assist you to move ahead on the Bhakti Yoga path by pointing you towards relevant resources, spiritual saturation of the senses, encouragement of self study and good association which can provide you with further ongoing support. 


Feel free to reach out and I can help guide you in the right direction. My goal is to support you wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey and to assist you to reach the bliss that is rightfully yours, in the context of the teachings of Bhakti Yoga.


Claim that spiritual candy because it is for you.

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