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Srila Prabhupada Bhakti yoga


His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada (1896-1977)

Born in Calcutta, Prabhupada, the widely acknowledged modern day saint, was the founder of what is commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement in the hippie counter culture setting of the USA.


Through superhuman dedication and determination focused on the western world in the latter decade of his life, he transformed the hearts of millions and has thus, at a profound level, transformed the world.  He achieved this by gifting humanity with not only his influential presence while he was on the planet, but also with priceless English translations from Sanskrit, of eternal key Bhakti Yoga texts -  against all odds. Some of these texts are available today in 75 languages.

He educated the world on what it takes to be happy - what it means to be a lover of God and showed the world a tried and true method of achieving this lofty goal through the process of Bhakti Yoga.


This rich and ancient culture was brought to life in the western world through his loving and compassionate efforts which included the establishment of 108 temples around the world, many schools and several farm communities centred around cow protection.  


From unlikely material foundations he established the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), now a thriving society with centres all over the world. The society, designed to create a favourable environment for spiritual growth in the association of like minded people,  is the shelter of many who relish the jewels of his legacy.


Embracing everyone non discriminately, regardless of race, creed, or social status, he is recognised as a great well-wisher of humanity. The magnitude of his gifts can only be appreciated by first hand experience of the treasures he left behind.

Rasika Manjari dasi

Spiritual coach, mentor and extreme pleasure seeker,

but not of the ordinary kind.


Whoever you are you have my deep respect to be intact enough to even read this! These are challenging times and the personal, sacred journey is rarely easy.


It’s true. No-one gets out of life alive and I’m here to show you what you can do in the meanwhile.


My offering is spiritual medicine that tastes like candy. 


In its pure pleasure, it is actually the magic pill for the aching hearts of our world.


Candy that is good for you!


I invite you to come and get your own spiritual candy. 


Saturate your senses. It’s a higher taste. It speaks to the heart.


Warning: you may not want chocolate ever again!


Be a true leader. Lead yourself to freedom.

Bhakti Yoga.png

I’ve Got a Secret

All my life I had strived for success, joy and happiness. Yet all my life I struggled to achieve it.


Sound familiar?


Well, I”ve got a secret to share.  A secret that transformed my life and allowed me to see the naked

truth. A truth so powerful it inspired me to be the best I can be and lead my life with deep

fulfillment and satisfaction.


My secret is actually ‘the secret of secrets’ but it’s a secret that just has to be shared!




Let me take you back to the beginning.

I always had a drive to succeed academically. 

But my educational life was born out of panic that I would dissolve into nothingness if I did not perform.  


This fragile sense of self and need to prove my worth, manifested itself in a desperate frenzy of

performance and achievement that I felt justified my existence.


Like so many people - maybe even like you,  I adopted the steely set of values of hard work, self discipline, achievement, reward and success….REPEAT!


But it was exhausting… and soul destroying.


I mean how long can you live with prolonged emotional distress without anything to nourish your soul?  


For me it was a long time!  But there were consequences.  Severe consequences.


It came to me in the form of a mental health crisis.


That was my wake up call and the alarm bell was loud.


Well, I woke up.


My personal quest is to share the secret of my waking state with you - the most confidential body of

knowledge known as Bhakti Yoga to which I owe my life, sanity, happiness and hope.


Bhakti Yoga is one secret with an identity crisis. It does not want to be a secret. In fact it wants everybody to know about it.


The reason it is confidential is that the knowledge needs to be received from sources that already

deeply understand it, otherwise it may be misunderstood or inappropriately applied.


This is because it is actually a transformative secret that can make heroes from zeros and holds great power.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual mantra (14).jpg

Life is already confusing enough.

If you're like me you just want clarity and answers.


For me the answer was Bhakti Yoga because it explains the unexplainable - in great detail. The answers to every question I ever had were on the pages of the sacred Bhakti Yoga texts and in the rich spiritual culture and lifestyle that came with it, and most importantly, in the way it spoke to my heart.


The teachings of the ancient eastern philosophy of Bhakti Yoga when harnessed and applied to your daily life have the power to revolutionise your worldview and thus your entire experience.


 Ironically, although ‘secret’, it has never before been more accessible to everyone than right now.  Through the wealth of culture it provides and the natural exuberance it brings with it, it can guide you on your life journey down to the smallest detail. 

Having walked the Bhakti Yoga path myself over many years, I have seen the unmatched alchemical power it can have when embraced with sincerity and receptivity. 


When you recognise and accept that there are aspects of yourself and your life that could use a little (or a lot of) excavation and renovation, and when you are open to positive change on all levels, that’s when the time is now. 


Rather than bring in the bulldozers and demolition squad however, the Bhakti Yogis bring in beauty, music, sanctified vegetarian food, loving relationships and ancient but oh so relevant, transcendental knowledge. 


So no matter how many zeros you have, Bhakti Yoga comes and firmly plants a one in front of all of them. 


The knowledge of Bhakti Yoga is alive, timeless, vibrant, dynamic. It has shaped me into who I am today, with great love and attention to detail. 

When you've lost count of your zeros, the stately one of Bhakti Yoga plants itself in front of them.

Suddenly you are much more than you ever imagined.


The Bhakti Yoga journey is not identical for everyone and often there are custom made instructions for each unique soul, but the principles remain the same and are informed by higher teachings from the established wisdom of the ancient eastern philosophy of Bhakti Yoga.


Come join me and dip your toes into the Bhakti Yoga ocean, which will tenderly immerse you in a kind of happiness you never even knew existed.


If drowning in an ocean of bliss sounds interesting to you, there is a LOT more to discover!

To start with you can check out:

and of course - sometimes you just need people! If that's you reach out  and let's get you connected.


You can also check out a Bhakti Yoga Centre near you, one of the branches of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), for immersion in the Bhakti Yoga experience and further contact with like minded souls.


As a practising Bhakti Yogi of many years and a medical doctor by profession, I hope that my extensive personal and professional experience in the realms of medicine, mental health, coaching and the study and practice of Bhakti Yoga, can help me be of service to you.


Reach out! 

I hold a medical degree and am a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

I also hold a Masters degree in Psychiatry and a Diploma in Coaching.

BSc(Med) MBBS FRACGP MPsychiatry dipTC.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual mantra (19).jpg

This is not it folks.

Our world is a blue and green stepping stone towards our real inheritance.

Discover your New Heart and together we can create a New World.

It’s time to be free.

Really free.  

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