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Time for a Revolution of
Body, Mind and Soul?

Dive Deep with Me and
Discover the Pearls of the
Ancient Teachings of Bhakti Yoga

Want to get rich? 

Take these five pearls of Bhakti Yoga and make them your own.

Fill up the treasure chest of your body, mind and soul, because once you have ownership of these jewels, it is forever.


No one can beg, borrow or steal your riches from you even if they tried! Unless of course you voluntarily share your enviable booty.


Bhakti Yoga, the ancient eastern philosophy teaches us that we are not the body, but we are the soul. It is on this premise that many spiritual traditions worldwide are based.


Imagine if you thought that your body was you - when your body gets old, you break a limb, an organ fails or you have a disease. Imagine if you thought that your tired, old aching body was actually you. It’s enough to make a person miserable!


The bag of bones that constantly wants to remind you that having a body is no party and that it is ultimately going to betray you, is thankfully not the whole picture of who you really are.


Don’t forget that the mind with all its anxieties is part of the package of the physical body, according to the same ancient teachings which are integral to Bhakti Yoga. It is a more subtle form of our material bodily condition.


For most people, at least some of the time, their body is NOT their friend.


So if it is true, that you are not a body but a soul, (and actually you may have suspected this all along), where can you get more information on this incredible discovery?


Fortunately Bhakti Yoga has a rich philosophy and support for this monumental concept.


You may wish to start by collecting these five pearls, based on the principles of Bhakti Yoga, which are a guiding template for true soul satisfaction, and place them firmly in your crown because you are going to need them on your sacred journey. 


For more information, you can also check out my Blogs, my educational Videos, the Bookshelf and of course, if you would like personal support and advice, don’t hesitate to book a free Discovery Session with me. I would love to hear from you!   Here we can explore if we can work together to assist you to reach your spiritual goals.


But first thank your body, the vehicle through which you get to lead a spiritual life, whatever it’s size, shape and condition, for giving you the opportunity to take these pearls and polish them to a high shine, because you are about to become a spiritual billionaire.


Of course, the more you put in the more you get back. It’s time to invest!

simple living

Simple Living

Nurture Your Body

Looking after your temporary body which includes your mind and intelligence, is an investment in your eternal nature, your soul. Your body is your temple, so when it is carefully looked after it can function as it was meant to - as a conduit between your soul and the Supreme Soul, Krishna (God).


Don’t forget, everyone’s body is their temple - some temples are well looked after and used for their original purpose whereas others are more neglected and used in ways outside of their true intention. The difference is knowledge.


When you decide to access that sacred part of you that may have been undernourished for so long, it’s time to give yourself permission to stop chasing the impossible and instead take time to feed your soul.


Simple living allows you to be smart and water the roots of your tree, not the leaves and flowers. Leaves and flowers come and go with the seasons, but the roots always stay firm and must be cared for with great love.


Bhakti Yoga is the ultimate tool to assist you to appreciate and embrace the principles and teachings of simple living, learning how to direct your time and energy wisely to achieve dynamic balance and happiness at all levels.


The 3 spiritual foundations that support simple living are:

your life:  

Sounds simple right? In essence it means to remove obstacles to spiritual life.


This may take the form of eliminating countless habits, activities or even things, that are high maintenance in time, effort or resources, and which distract you from putting your attention towards more meaningful endeavours.


This does not mean moving to the Himalayas! It simply means making space in your current life for spiritual pursuit - to make it work better for you.


You may start by learning to:

  • Declutter your life

  • Release what no longer serves your spiritual progress

  • Open up to where the spiritual opportunities are.

Accept only what you need:

This may occur organically, over time as you embrace a spiritual lifestyle.


We are conditioned to think,  in western society, that more is more.


We are taught to consume till we drop. Well, spiritual life is exactly the opposite.


We take only our quota, what we need to survive and the rest of our time and energy is spent on spiritual pursuits.


The rest is a distraction.


Let it go.

Tolerate the changing seasons:

Everyone’s life is subject to ups and downs. This is just part of being human.


We can’t stop the craziness of life,  but we can modify our reactions to it and remain equipoised as the changes pass, just like the seasons. 


How do we do this?  Bhakti Yoga offers a complete lifestyle to make you like a lighthouse on a stormy sea: steady, unshakable and a radiator of light  - of profound spiritual wisdom.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual wisdom.png

Contemplation Corner

•    Material life is full of many unnecessary necessities, more so now than ever. When we understand that materially, less is             more, burdens lighten and we become peaceful.


•    Material life is like climbing huge, treacherous mountains, and Everest is always just up ahead.  There is no downhill on this        trek.


•    We are relentlessly pushed to win the rat race. But no-one ever wins.


•    Modern society is just like a hall of funhouse mirrors where we simply can’t see ourselves for who we truly are.


•    The higher taste of Bhakti Yoga eclipses all material obstacles by inviting you out of the matrix.


•    Water your tree of truth daily, at the roots.

high thinking

High Thinking

Nurture Your Mind

Now that you have left space in your life for high thinking (thanks to your simple living),  the rewards are great! 


Your mind and intelligence are free to explore more uplifting, beneficial things.


The ancient eastern philosophy of Bhakti Yoga has the potential to flood your vast, internal, empty spiritual reservoirs through your mind and intelligence. As a result, your senses, controlled by the mind, become increasingly spiritually attuned.


This is the start of great things.


Harness your inherent human hardwiring for higher enquiry and discover the deeply satisfying knowledge of Bhakti Yoga, which naturally satisfies the soul.


Go beyond the daily grind and reach for what is truly yours - the engagement of the mind and intelligence in the pursuit of a better reality.


You will not only discover that this better reality is within easy reach, but simultaneously you will also discover yourself, and a love like no other.


Be open to receive.


The 3 spiritual foundations that support high thinking are:

your mind:

Look beyond what is in front of you, and seek knowledge that uplifts your soul.


Don’t be satisfied with mainstream information and media that can often target our lower natures and bring us down.

Elevate your consciousness:

Time to reconsider the time spent watching TV, using social media,  and exposing yourself to harmful activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption and gambling and the unfortunate places they can often lead you to.


Any other degrading habits you can think of that drag you down? 


Adopting a Bhakti Yoga lifestyle is protective, for you, others and the environment.

Meditate on Krishna:

The Bhakti Yoga tradition gives the priceless alternative to meditating on ordinary mundane things which have an extremely low satisfaction yield and can even make us distressed, depressed or worse. 


We’re often meditating on something, whether we know it or not. The trick is to take charge of our meditation so it takes us to the top of the mountain, not to rock bottom.


Meditation on Krishna (also known as God and he has infinite other names) in contrast to what we usually meditate on, is completely satisfying, because according to the sacred teachings, it’s the natural occupation of the soul *

* The Ultimate Meditation


Life challenges don’t always go away, but now you have a blissful painkiller, which is available on special prescription - the transcendental mantra meditation of the sacred Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, the ultimate medicine.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare.


Check out Sacred Sound to hear it for yourself and chant along!

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual wisdom.png

Contemplation Corner

•    To get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions.


•    When you embrace Bhakti Yoga, you may not launch rockets to Mars or build magnificent pyramids, but powerful rockets           can nonetheless be launched from your heart through this sacred spiritual culture, as you realise that the wisdom of the               pyramids and beyond, resides within you.


•    Bhakti Yoga is spiritual medicine that tastes like candy. It heals the heart permanently and makes it a receptacle for what it           was made for and nothing else - love of the highest order.


•    “This life of material existence is just like hard wood and if we can carve Krishna out of it, that is the success of our life.” Srila       Prabhupada


•    Become a custodian of the priceless ‘secret of secrets’, Bhakti Yoga.

The Bhakti Yoga Lifestyle

Nurture Your Life

You will love this!

This is where things get super exciting and fun! Discover mantras, daily rituals and Bhakti Yoga practices that will keep you in tune with your body, mind and soul.  


Join the vibrant international Bhakti Yoga community, stay connected and be ready to attend regular festivals of chanting, dancing, feasting, association, and the hearing of higher knowledge. Visit an ISKCON* Centre near you for more information on events local to you.


As your coach I can help you build your spiritual muscles, because once in shape, you will be undefeatable. Life’s job is to throw you curveballs, but adopting a spiritual lifestyle helps you catch and handle them with an accomplished mastery and grace.


By the way, don’t forget that there is no qualification required to start the practice of Bhakti Yoga. There is something for everyone. Beauty, wealth, intelligence, wisdom, fame or talents are not required. Bhakti Yoga just wants you!


If you don’t want to destroy yourself, anyone else, or the planet in the course of your evolution as a soul, then the Bhakti Yoga lifestyle is for you. It will blissfully saturate your mind and senses and will ultimately make you the master of them.


Engage yourself fully and get the higher taste. It will open your heart to more and more of the satisfaction it deserves.


*International Society of Krishna Consciousness


The 3 spiritual foundations that support a Bhakti Yoga lifestyle are:

bhakti yoga
Regulate your activity:

If you can achieve this,  physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing will be yours.


This is particularly important in the domains of sleeping, eating and sex life.


Everything in moderation. No extremes. Just a nice balance.

After all, it is through discipline that we achieve freedom.


Now that you’ve regulated your eating - meat, fish and eggs are not on the Bhakti Yoga menu.


Why should something have to die for us to live?


Compassion to all living beings is a fundamental spiritual principle and includes animals.


Dairy, especially from non-violent sources is considered acceptable, as it is a product of mother cow, the most sacred animal in the ancient eastern philosophy of Bhakti Yoga.


Bhakti Yogi’s consume vegetarian food, first sanctified as an offering to Krishna.

Daily spiritual practice:

A day in the life of a Bhakti Yogi includes: connecting with the philosophy through hearing and/or reading, chanting of sacred mantras privately and congregationally, and performance of worship of the Lord, laden with meaning, either at a temple or in one’s own home. 


This can all start very simply.

There are actually nine main processes of devotional service in Bhakti Yoga and each one individually can offer all the benefits of a Bhakti Yoga spiritual practice* 

*The nine processes of Bhakti Yoga are all related to Krishna and are as follows:

1. Hearing about (includes reading)

2. Chanting (transcendental sound meditation)

3. Remembering

4. Deity worship

5. Prayer

6. Service

7. Friendship (with Krishna)

8. Worship of His lotus feet

9. Surrender of the self

Wherever you start and whatever aspect of spiritual practice first appeals to you
- just go with it and the rest will unfold.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual wisdom.png

Contemplation Corner

•    We all have many masters. Your choice lies in who and what you serve. If you choose wisely, you can become the master of       your own mind and senses on your way to the spiritual bliss of divine love. 


•    Bhakti Yoga is a transformative secret that can make heroes from zeros. No matter how many zeros you have, Bhakti Yoga         comes and firmly plants a one in front of them all.


•    You don’t have to be smart, beautiful, popular, rich, young or mature. There is no material or spiritual qualification to start           Bhakti Yoga. The only qualification is that you have to want it, because it wants you.

New Heart

Nurture Your Soul

Now you are ready to live and love with a New Heart!

The first step to full engagement and happiness is through the heart.  


Through simple living, high thinking and the Bhakti Yoga lifestyle, your heart is now primed for deeper and deeper exploration of the secrets of Bhakti Yoga. There are no limits to the expansion of love within your heart hereafter.


The five Pearls can help you unlock those secrets which regenerate and replenish both heart and soul. Master the art of giving and receiving love without suffering.


Everything about Bhakti Yoga leads to the heart, the seat of the soul. 


When your body, mind, intelligence and senses are connected to the frequency of divine love, your heart is now breaking the banks and it shows!


Disconnection is not an option anymore. It’s time to connect to your spiritual origins. Phone home now!


The Five Pearls can guide and support you towards that connection through a process by which you can  re-establish your most important relationship - your sacred union with Krishna.  At the same time you are discovering your true glory as a spirit soul.


Feel your heart reprogram itself with love of the highest order, as you experience your true divine nature unfold.  It is what you were designed for.


The 3 spiritual foundations that support a New Heart are:

new heart
Your Heart:

To truly benefit from Bhakti Yoga’s gifts, you need to come with an open heart.


Sincere enquiry is rewarded with priceless wisdom, purity of heart  and access to the sacred secrets of Bhakti Yoga.

Cultivate Relationships:

This world can be a difficult place and we are not always supported in what we feel is right for us.


This is why it is so important to surround yourself as much as possible with those who have the same interests and understanding.


Bhakti Yoga is no different. Like minded association is key to a spiritual lifestyle.  But to start with, you can become your own best company.


When you start Bhakti Yoga, so many things change in your life - for the better! Life becomes more manageable and you receive a higher taste that makes you want to come back for more.


The important thing is not to rest on your laurels! Be open to the dizzying heights that Bhakti Yoga can take you to and always strive for greater depth and breadth of experience and understanding.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual wisdom.png

Contemplation Corner

•    Profound change first occurs at the level of the heart.


•    Bhakti Yoga offers permanent heart healing.


•    Forget about your empty cup. Vast, empty tanks, vaults and reservoirs that you don’t even know you possess can be filled             beyond capacity, through the philosophy, culture and practice of Bhakti Yoga.


•    You don’t have to change your entire world to begin on a spiritual path. All you have to do is “Just add Krishna”, which is           simple, blissful and Bhakti Yoga offers clear instructions as to how.  After that, it’s simply organic.


•    Finally Bhakti Yoga! A map and compass to your true magnificence.

New World

Nurture and be Nurtured

You are now truly poised for greater things! 

Unleash your New Heart and you will see the world change! 

Bring your New Heart with you as you create your own New World where you are a master of your mind and senses and love reigns.


Plugged into the source of all magnificent things, your world will be illuminated in spectacular ways because the lights are now ON.


This will manifest uniquely according to the personal gifts that you bring to your divine connection. Your New World is one that fully embraces you with loving acceptance.


With a full heart you will discover a renewed sense of knowing and belonging, and all you will want to do is share the bliss with everyone else.  You too will be unable to keep the secret.


The New World is a place where all our New Hearts come together in the name of a love that is far from ordinary.


The 3 spiritual foundations that support a New World are:

new world
Share Your Gifts:

Don’t keep it to yourself!


The best experiences come when we share what we have and know.


Giving to others the treasure of Bhakti Yoga fills your own spiritual coffers and gives others access to this lifestyle which is so good for humanity!


We are all spiritual travellers and we all bring with us very different life experiences.


As such, we have different capacities to adopt spiritual principles and understandings.


It is important to appreciate everyone, whatever their level of mastery, including yourself.

Compassion for
All Living Beings:

This, of course, starts with compassion for yourself.


Despite your challenges, setbacks, and disappointments, see yourself in your true glory as a spirit soul on a journey of awakening, and hold everyone else, (including animals and nature)  with that kind of respect too.


This is the seed of true compassion and the budding flower of spiritual life.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual wisdom.png

Contemplation Corner

•    We need to face our own mud as well as the mud of others. Mud is mud. No mud is cleaner than another mud. But lucky for       us, when we follow spiritual principles, we are in the shower, washing all that mucky mud off. How great would the world be       if we all took our daily spiritual shower?


•    The current state of the world both individually and collectively, is actually a state of emergency. Rather than calling the heart       shattering, screeching, ambulance sirens, we have the sublime option of soul soothing melodious mantras of Kirtan which,           rather than break our hearts, fortifies and beautifies them. 


•    Evolve from being the spiritual pauper to being the sovereign of your internal world, from which spiritual empires can be             built. Bhakti Yoga is limitless.

the five pearls of Bhakti yoga.png

The five pearls may seem daunting at first and almost impossible to achieve, but it all comes together with ease and grace when you sincerely start somewhere and begin to adopt a regular practice of chanting the sacred Maha Mantra in your life. 


Like all meditation, this mantra helps keep you centred and better able to deal with everyday problems, but there is something else about this mantra….. it takes you even higher to a love you may have never before known.


Yes, the Bhakti Yoga philosophy says so, but it is something you will come to know in your own heart, with a regular daily practice - when Krishna in your heart comes alive.

What’s the Evidence?

In our world of science and rigorous evidence based practices, we usually want to see the proof of something before we even entertain it or remotely even go there. Well the ancient eastern philosophy and practice of Bhakti Yoga is brimming with proof of all kinds.  The three main types of proof are cited in the literatures themselves and are known as:


1.The evidence offered by the texts themselves.

The ancient Bhakti Yoga texts are carefully compiled bodies of knowledge containing the wisdom of sages of previous, less conflicted ages, who were themselves informed by higher sources of knowledge.  As such, these texts themselves are considered proof that the concepts therein are sound, beneficial and deliver the promised results when followed with sincerity and discipline.


2. The evidence of our own logic when applied in the context of these teachings.


Bhakti Yoga never asks us to follow blindly or to dismiss our own questions and honest enquiry into the nature of the content of these texts.  We are asked to use our own reasoning and questioning capacities, based on what is presented, to help us understand the conclusion of the scriptures.


3. Evidence of personal experience.


And of course, arguably the most convincing evidence of all,  is the evidence of the heart. That state of being we achieve when we actually follow the guidance of these sacred writings. The experience is ours alone and no one can tell us otherwise. It is irrefutable, because we know it, we see it, we feel it, it’s real.


This type of evidence solidifies for us, beyond any doubt, anything we may have read or heard in the sacred texts.  And luckily for us, the blissful path to such a heart opening experience is clearly outlined for us in minute detail on those very pages.

New Heart New World bhakti yoga spiritual mantra (17).jpg

Bhakti Yoga is a precise science - the science of self realisation.  If we were to put it into research terms, the alternate hypothesis would be that we are spirit souls and our ultimate happiness lies in our connection to the Supreme Spirit Soul, Krishna (God). 


In this connection, we not only find Krishna, but we find our true spiritual selves and the kind of happiness that just is not available anywhere else.


The observations and testing for this hypothesis are peppered throughout the literature and the evidences are as listed above.

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