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The Three Material Modes Of Nature

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have habitual and often predictable ways of behaving and responding?


Do you wonder why you sometimes behave in ways that defies all logic? 

Do you sometimes feel like a puppet on a string, acting more from years of conditioning, than your true purpose?  


Let me introduce you to the three modes of material nature.


They are described in detail in the Bhagavad Gita As It Is (The Song of God), a foundational text of the Bhakti Yoga tradition, the essence of ancient eastern philosophy. 

The modes are strongly connected with the laws of karma which govern our day to day experiences.


The three material modes of nature are; the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance. They can all be present in varying intensities as influencers of your life, but usually one tends to predominate.  

Most of us at this time on our planet are a mixture of the modes of passion and ignorance.


And you thought you were in control!


But did you know you still have a choice?  -  The choice to live with greater spiritual purpose and integrity or remain trapped in a life governed by long established habits and behaviours which the modes, as expressions of karma, are designed to enforce.   


If you want to give your free will a workout, then it’s time to find out which material mode best describes you, so you can start to make informed decisions. 


Take the Consciousness Quiz to discover your predominant material mode.




Because, it’s your key to freedom!


Discover how you operate in the world, how this fits with the Bhakti Yoga philosophy and world view, and how it can assist your spiritual growth. 


It will help you understand yourself better,  improve your life and ultimately make your free will work for you.


Choose your path to freedom today and go beyond the hackneyed material methods of striving for happiness.

The best thing is - you can start right now!   

The Three Modes in Brief

Here’s what you’ll discover:


This is the mode that is best suited for the adoption of spiritual practices and to open your mind and heart to higher spiritual concepts and teachings.


You are more likely to feel happy and content here because you are living a healthy and uplifting lifestyle.


This mode is the one that tends to drive the big cities and the hectic, relentless life.


It is characterised by constant striving and endeavour for things that seem important by society's standards but which ultimately drag you down you and rob you of precious time to tend to our soul.



This mode is characterised by lack of knowledge about what’s in your highest good and can be accompanied by a reluctance to embrace more helpful ways of being.

Beyond the Modes:


Just a reminder that all three modes of nature are material concepts and acting from any one of the three modes of nature is not the goal!


The ultimate spiritual goal is to move beyond the limiting three modes which keep us shackled to the suffering we are all so familiar with and which the modes represent.  The idea is to shake these shackles off once and for all.


Transcendence is the destination and the key to the door is Bhakti Yoga. 

Bhakti Yoga.png

Creating our Destiny

The three modes of nature are incorporated into each of the above steps which flow towards our destiny in our unique, individual lives.

When we align ourselves with helpful, constructive beliefs and values, we are on our way to changing our destiny for the better.

Bhakti Yoga offers this priceless jewel and the rest naturally follows.


When the modes are transcended, you can still be a highly functional and integrated person of society -  the only difference is your consciousness, which is elevated beyond the ordinary.


This is reflected in your attitudes, values and behaviour.


The three material modes are pulling us like puppets on a string but we can choose to stop dancing to their tune at any time. Your own spiritual tune is waiting to serenade you to a better life.


So if you are ready to stop feeling lost, confused and making the same mistakes again and again, it’s time to discover your New Heart and embrace your New World.


Take the Consciousness Quiz as a firm step towards self knowledge.


The Consciousness Quiz

Which of the Three Material Modes Best Represents You?

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