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Lion heart


In just a few words, courage means; strength in the face of fear, pain or grief.

A handy quality to have, it suggests that fear, pain and grief don’t always immediately go away, but you can be the boss of it.

Courage is a quality associated with lions - the kings of the jungle who fear nothing.

The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz acted as a shadow of his true self until he could recognise and access his innate courage.

Courage is also associated with the heart - the seat of the soul. The part of you that when healthy, laughs at fear and leaps off the tall buildings of life challenges, without a second thought.

You may ask “Can I have some of that?”

Well, yes. Indeed you can.

In fact, you already have it.

Like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, courage is a part of you that needs to be recognised - by you.

Courage arises in the face of fear if we have the strength to access it.

Fear is a biggie. It has the power to collapse, destroy, demolish and basically overtake your body, mind, heart and life, if you let it.

They say the opposite of fear is love.

Courage has the power to transform fear into love.

But why do we feel that sometimes our very love takes us to places that simply create more and more fear in our life?

Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of abuse, fear of life itself.

Fear is all around. But it only reigns supreme if you place it on the throne of your heart.

Is it perhaps time to enthrone something else? Something a bit more functional than fear?

Yes it is.

Accessing the Love in Your Heart

Now is the time to choose love.

But not the kind of love that we all know and dislike!

Not the kind of love that is hell bent on breaking our hearts time and time again!

But rather, the kind of love that awakens, inspires, enlivens and replenishes.

The kind of love that we seek, whether we know it or not, but that seems determined to remain hidden from our experience.

It’s only apparently hidden because we choose not to see it. But really, how can we even avoid it? It is part of our true nature, who we really are.

Yet, there it is.

For many, their daily experience is more fear than love.

When we cultivate a fearless lion heart for whom no challenge is an obstacle, we can transform fear into love.

The people, places and things that usually disturb us no longer have the same effect, because we are in charge.

We are the lions of our life jungle.

King of the Jungle

How can I achieve that? I hear you ask.

My simple answer is - a tried and true way is through Bhakti Yoga.

According to the ancient Bhakti Yoga philosophy, love is the source and origin of everything.

It makes sense then to connect back with this source to achieve the full vitality and vigour of your soul.

A bit like linking your house up to the power grid.

Love begets love, so if feed your soul with love, it eliminates other potentially damaging elements in your habits and lifestyle which can generate fear.

The Bhakti Yoga lifestyle and culture is the positive alternative to allowing fear run the show.

When embraced it becomes the courage of your heart which is transformative and pure.

It appropriately sits love on the throne of your heart and then of course, courage is born.

This newfound courage is the strength required, to go about daily life without being a victim to your fears.

It is a natural result of self knowledge and understanding that you are a spirit soul and that your body does not define you.

A Vision of Love

Bhakti Yoga delivers this nutritious, timeless information in a form that satisfies the deepest desires of the soul.

It takes you to a place of profound spiritual poise, where, whatever the challenge, you have the internal, spiritual resources to deal with it.

The courage of your heart arises in the face of fear, because it knows itself.

It has seen love. The real kind.

Bhakti Yoga is the science of self realisation.

It illuminates your path and purpose as an individual soul, destined to unite in divine loving connection with the Supreme Soul, Krishna (God).

This sublime connection is the source of all courage and can be achieved through the philosophy and practice of the principles of Bhakti Yoga.

Sacred Mantra Meditation is the spiritual candy of Bhakti Yoga and is the key to this loving connection.

This meditative practice is a tool designed to awaken the dormant love for the divine, in the heart of every living entity.

Yes. We all hold this love in our hearts, but for some of us we just haven’t accessed it yet. The mantra meditation provides a direct link by which you can tap into that eternal love.

Back on earth :-), we bring this love with us and our courage is fortified through our daily spiritual practice.

Apparent obstacles will always come up while you are in your physical body, but now you have a lion heart.

Equipoised, you dance around your fears as their power reduces to nothing.

You are king of the jungle of your life because love now rules supreme.

No fear here.

Get your New Heart today.


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See you at the New World.


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