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Destiny Calling

Life Purpose

Do you feel like you have a life purpose? A true calling?

Maybe you are already blissfully living your life purpose?

Perhaps you are still trying to find your purpose and calling?

Or, it may be that you’re totally confused about what your life purpose and calling is, even after a lifetime of soul searching?

Whichever category you fall into, rest assured that it falls within the normal range of human experience.

Even if you are uncertain about what you are meant to do in this life, and how you are meant to shine, there is always something you can be very certain of:

Your spiritual purpose.

As human beings, this is our uniting factor and the ‘oneness of humanity’ that we hear of.

It is our spiritual identity and from that comes our spiritual purpose.

No matter what your life purpose on this planet - lived or yet to be discovered - your spiritual purpose remains unchanged.

According the ancient and instructive Bhakti Yoga philosophy, every living entity, everything that grows - including animals and plants - has a spiritual identity.

While on this planet incarnated as a human being, the spiritual purpose of each human being is to reunite once again with their spiritual identity, which is usually deeply covered over by their material identity.

So it’s often no easy feat!

Without proper guidance it can be a very elusive task indeed.

To assist us in our endeavours, the process of karma and reincarnation dictates what kind of body we have in any particular lifetime, the vehicle from which we can achieve all our goals - both material and spiritual.

Although every living entity may take a different body in each lifetime, there is something about them that never changes and that is carried from life to life.

That is their soul.

You are Priceless

Keeping this expansive world view and philosophy in mind and considering the vast number of living species just on our planet, being born into a human body is a rare thing.

Not only is it rare but it is priceless.


Because, unlike our animal and plant friends, human beings have the capacity for higher understanding.

Humans can discern and make informed decisions. They can cultivate finer sentiments. In this way they can spiritually evolve in ways that other living beings cannot.

Yes, you are priceless.

You may not necessarily feel that way, especially if you are struggling with life in all its varied colours - but you are.

It’s no cheap thing to have a human body.

It pays to remember this because no matter where you are at on your life journey or how tough your obstacles have been, as a human, it is always the right time to cultivate spiritual knowledge.

This knowledge shows you that you are much more than just your body and your life here on earth.

Even though this kind of knowledge is readily available, it is not always so easily accessible.

This is where people like me strive to make it easy, through avenues like this, for people to access their own divine birthright of spiritual understanding.

Sadly spiritual education is lacking in so many stratas of modern, mainstream society and so most people miss out on what is rightfully theirs.

They miss out on knowing that they are a spirit soul capable of great love and transformation.

This is knowledge that every living being has a right to know.

The ignorance surrounding this subject matter is unfortunately the main cause of the suffering of humanity.

Because when we have spiritual knowledge, it changes us, how we see ourselves, how we behave and how we treat each other - for the better.

Our current troubled world is a result of the majority of humankind, missing out on or ignoring this foundational knowledge - a testament to the cumulative ignorance that we experience while part of the material world.

But there is a way out. There always is.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge, after all, is power.

But it has to be the right knowledge used in the right way.

The wrong knowledge used in the wrong way can lead to devastation and disaster that is all too common in the world in which we live.

But unfortunately this is the kind of knowledge we are most familiar with. The kind that takes us away from our true beauty as spirit souls.

So often we are instead left with ugliness and despair all around.

There comes a time however when the soul calls. When it can no longer tolerate the neglect and abuse it has suffered over unforgiving time.

The soul, once awakened cannot be silenced. It demands answers and the truth.

The Answers You Seek

Thank goodness for you and me, the answers and the fundamental truth of who we are, can be found in the philosophy and practice of Bhakti Yoga.

When your soul calls, destiny is calling.

It’s time to get off the dangerous curved and winding road that has taken us off our spiritual paths for so long.

Time for the super blissful, varied and exciting direct spiritual route. No menacing detours!

This is your true life purpose.

No matter who you are, what you have or have not achieved in your life, whether you have physical beauty, wealth, talent or intelligence - it just doesn’t matter.

Your soul goes beyond all these surface things.

Although certain positive qualities are important for a harmonious life on planet earth, they are not the whole story.

Happily Ever After

What completes the story with ‘happily ever after’ is the spiritual reality of who you really are.

Why do we always, deep down, want a happily ever after ending? Clearly our multi billion dollar Hollywood and Bollywood film industries reflects this.

Even when real life seems so far from this ideal, we somehow inherently know it exists.

Why is that?

Because it DOES exist.

The Bhakti Yoga texts were documented thousands of years ago by sages who knew humanity would be struggling at this time in history and beyond.

They clearly outline the true goal and life purpose of every human being: to understand their true spiritual nature and to re-connect their individual soul with the Supreme Soul.

It is only when we can do this that the happily ever after bit starts.

However not everyone is born with an inherent understanding of the spiritual nature of all things.

But it all starts with a desire.

A desire to gain greater spiritual understanding and strength.

A desire to know: why do I suffer? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

These are all questions that herald the start of spiritual life and fulfilment.

Bhakti Yoga answers these questions in such a way that opens your mind and heart to the reality that you and everyone on our planet really can live happily ever after.

You just have to want to.

Best of all, Bhakti Yoga gives you a simple lifestyle and process by which to achieve it.

It’s not a pipe dream. It’s not fantasy. It’s not wishful thinking. It is real.

You can start and feel it now.

You will emerge with a New Heart.

See you at the New World full of New Hearts like you.


Feel free to check out my other blogs for more information.

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See you at the New World.


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