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Battle Weary

The Fight

A brave warrior mounts his horse and charges into enemy territory.

Knowing he is fighting for a noble cause, his mind, body and words are all charged in the direction of his goal - to emerge victorious at all costs.

The desire to achieve his objective overrides any distraction along the way.

In fact his desire fearlessly leads the way, he is hoping, towards triumph.

He knows no fear. He is bound by duty and his burning desire to succeed.


Hours later - the battlefield is strewn with bodies sacrificed to the cause.

Our heroic warrior emerges, but not unscathed.

He bears the scars of the war - which, like a garland of dead flowers decorates his mind and heart.

Bleeding, he limps away, his horse nowhere to be found.

The battle was sadly lost.

Where to now? What to do with his wounded, useless body?

Where to direct the passions of his heart now?

Battle weary, he wishes to fight no more. He wants to return home.


Is this you?

Are you a battle weary warrior tired of the constant onslaughts of the world in which you live?

Battles may look different for each one of us but can include things such as:

  • striving for an expensive education

  • dealing with challenging workplace dynamics

  • trying to repair a relationship

  • Struggling to set up a business

  • toiling day and night to one day own your dream house or car or thing

The list is endless.

Not to say that making an effort and having some security and safety in life is not important, but are you willing to sacrifice your soul in the battle to win your dreams?

Conflict may not even be on the physical plane at times - but may get played out on the stage of the mind.

They may not even be our own conflicts but the conflicts of the countless people on social media, the TV series we may be binge watching, the news we are hearing, the debates we are participating in.

In this way, even subconsciously we may be trying to resolve conflict, through thoughts and dreams in an increasingly complicated world.

Countless battles playing out on the impressionable platform of the mind may sometimes just get a bit too much.

And you, like many others may just want to give up, run away, wave the white flag or simply scream.

Where is the peace? Where is the harmony? Where is the love?

Where am I? Who am I? Why does it have to be this way?

Simple answers to all of the above are found in the philosophy and practice of Bhakti Yoga.

Specifically designed for the battle weary warrior, Bhakti Yoga soothes the mind and heart and connects directly with your soul.

The philosophy explains who you really are, why you are here and what you can do to be happy.

It demonstrates where the peace, harmony and love really is and it gives you the lifestyle to experience it for yourself.

It’s not complicated like the world in which we live.

It is based on the principle of simple living and high thinking.

When embraced, your own life is simplified while your consciousness is elevated, as you experience a higher taste.

From War to Peace

Bhakti Yoga is a secret with an identity crisis. It does not want to be a secret. It wants everyone to know about it!

Now, out of the closet, it wants you to know its secrets because it has more gifts than it can distribute.

The ‘secrets’ are spiritual truths that can liberate the soul from the battlefield of the world stage.

The gifts they bring are treasures, previously difficult to access, but now, because of the great need in our challenged world, they are freely available to everyone.

The current overwhelm you may experience with life on planet earth, with its unique provocations and often unsolvable dilemmas, is normal and expected.

The reason being that the prevailing energies are mostly directed towards material pursuit and gain and personal victory and survival at all costs.

The thing is that you don’t have to be at the mercy of the prevailing attitudes and forces of our time.

These influences can shape the way we live our lives in may ways, but not necessarily in every way.

When the principles of Bhakti Yoga are adopted, then everything starts to make sense. Things click into place, because everything has a place.

An all encompassing world view gives clarity which gives rise to life purpose and personal power.

Respect for all life and respect for the self are core principles that underlie its energising and sacred lifestyle.

Results of making the Bhakti Yoga decision can include: frustration decreases, wounds are healed, and battles are won - external battles maybe, but most importantly the internal battles with the heart and mind.

Mind and heart come together and speak cooperatively, rather than being in constant conflict with each other.

The Symphony

Your life becomes like a symphony rather than like an emergency siren.

Your inner battles are won which is then reflected in your outer world.

The soul has found sanctuary in the spiritual truths of Bhakti Yoga, no longer tormented by the demands of the mind and the body.

It has come home.

According to the ancient Bhakti Yoga teachings, the natural activity of the soul is to engage in Bhakti Yoga.

When the guiding principles are adopted, because the mind and senses are now under control, the soul is allowed to find its true expression.

The souls’ deep desire and desperate need, is to engage in love and connection with the Divine Supreme Soul which is the shining torchlight of Bhakti Yoga.

Through Bhakti Yoga, body, mind and words are redirected towards these needs, rather than the fruitless battles previously fought.

Make no mistake - Bhakti Yoga is no cheap and quick fix. It is a sacred, timeless philosophy and lifestyle designed to cater to the universal needs of the soul.

However, results can also be felt instantly because it speaks the language of the soul, which the soul recognises and thus begins to smile in response - a bit like when you are in a foreign country and you come across some fellow nationals - it lights you up.

When adopted into a daily practice, it waters the roots of the tree of your life and the resulting fruits are immeasurable in quantity and quality.

The world is truly a different place when you give attention to your soul.

Inspired, rejuvenated and your soul satisfied, you are transformed from a battle weary combatant to a true spiritual warrior.

Your New Heart celebrates its freedom and starts to go forward in the New World full of many other blissful New Hearts.

A spiritual Hero, your New Heart pulses with life, energising your path ahead. The possibilities are endless.

Victory at last!


Feel free to check out my other Blogs for more information.

You can find a lot more concise information by checking out my videos containing secrets of the ancient, timeless knowledge of Bhakti Yoga - literally at your fingertips.

The Bookshelf is also a good place to start the Bhakti Yoga magic.

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A fabulous way to connect to similar minds and hearts is to find an international Bhakti Yoga Centre near you (Branches of ISKCON - The International Society of Krishna Consciousness), where you can speak to an experienced yoga practitioner and receive personal guidance.

If you would like to explore how you can incorporate Bhakti Yoga into your life in a balanced and harmonious way, and feel you would benefit from one on one support, you are welcome to book a Discovery Session with me, Rasika Manjari.

See you at the New World.


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