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 I’m Rasika Manjari - extreme pleasure seeker,

but not of the ordinary kind!

As a spiritual coach and mentor of the ancient and timeless teachings of Bhakti Yoga, I get to share spiritual candy with people who are ready for something sweeter than the ordinary.


Looking for alternatives to the mundane struggle of life, these souls get to live life with a full and blissful heart, through the Bhakti Yoga teachings and lifestyle .


The best thing is - it’s allowed!


Happiness is a necessity not a luxury in spiritual life.

This, and how to make happiness yours, is what I‘m here to share.

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Amazing Discovery

Have you ever come to a point when vital, burning questions about yourself and your life start demanding answers?


If you are anything like me and millions of others on our planet, you have an enquiring mind. It is natural. You are human.


However, with the right enquiry, comes the need for the right answers.


Yet the answers you sought in the general mainstream and beyond, perhaps failed to make sense, let alone satisfy the hankerings of your heart.


That was my experience.


To find answers, I became a spiritual seeker of sorts, wandering lost and lonely in my quest for years, feeling perplexed, frustrated, and distressed.


Until I found the treasure map, complete with compass - or rather, it found me.

What happened then?

The wealth this map offered, transformed my life.

Spiritual rags to riches - that was me.


I discovered a body of spiritual knowledge called Bhakti Yoga, an ancient eastern traditional spiritual practice so vast and complete that any question I had ever had about anything, was easily answered in great depth and detail.   Finally, some answers!


Everyone usually has their own custom made garland of personal miseries. And to be honest, even if we aren’t feeling miserable, in fact even if we are feeling quite wonderful, it is usually a temporary thrill. Of course there are degrees of everything and that is another whole conversation. 


I am here to share with you knowledge that normalises the pain of the world. Our troubled earth is meant to be that way, because you are meant for more. The world is designed to be uncomfortable to wake you up and make you realise that this is not where it’s at, or at least this is not the entire story.


Go higher. Be different. 


Join me and discover Bhakti Yoga. You will find your New Heart which will take you to a New World of infinite possibilities. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to share the incredible wealth of Bhakti Yoga with you in it’s full beauty and depth, because it is truly the key to setting us free.

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Bhakti Yoga

New Heart

Consider how many times your heart may have been broken. Once? Twice? Lost count?


No wonder our hearts are sometimes a mass of scar tissue that can barely pump life giving love to our starving souls, let alone to others.


Bhakti Yoga is a process of heart regeneration that not only mends the painful wounds of the heart but also brings it to life in ways it may never have experienced before.


With repeated experiences of life giving love of the highest order, Bhakti Yoga through its rich philosophy and practice, reprograms our heart. Our heart thus learns to only give and receive the kind of love that eternally satisfies the soul.


With our New Hearts we can then experience levels of happiness that serve not only us but our entire planet.

New World

If we bring our New Heart with us to our beloved, suffering planet, we can indeed save the world because we have saved ourselves.

If we really want to “be the change we want to see”,  Bhakti Yoga offers clear guidelines as to how to practically achieve that. Simple, helpful instructions.

With our individual New Hearts healed by a love so pure it transforms, we will see our planet  automatically transform in loving reciprocation.

Better still, with our new consciousness, we can enter a New World of a perfect, divine order that reflects more accurately who we truly are - beings of great beauty, spiritual potency and love.

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The Search For Meaning

Let’s face it - we are always so ready to kick butt, but in reality it is our butt that is often being kicked!


We are all here together for a reason - to evolve our consciousness and assist each other in this process. Warning: This may involve forgiveness or other extreme forms of love. 


The hall of mirrors of modern society distorts our every move and expression and we cannot see ourselves for who we truly are. It’s difficult to catch an accurate reflection of ourselves. Instead, we see an often grotesque or distorted image and we act out of that image because that is who we believe we really are.


Then, of course, we become distorted mirrors of each other. How can we love and appreciate ourselves or even trust ourselves when all we see in the mirror is a grotesque distortion of our true selves? 


We all need a clear, sparkling mirror of absolute truth to show us our true spiritual identities. Yes, such a mirror does indeed exist. It is through the knowledge, lifestyle and practice of Bhakti Yoga that this magnificent mirror polishes up to a brilliant shine.


The meaning that we constantly seek to give our lives purpose, is well within our reach. We can find meaning in our beliefs, thoughts ,words, activities and lifestyle by simply looking into this shining mirror seeing ourselves reflected in our true spiritual glory.


This realisation lends itself to profound satisfaction and joy, that is of the permanent kind. Challenges may come, but they pale in comparison to the internal wealth we gain through Bhakti Yoga, which gives us tools to overcome anything.


If you would like this kind of clarity, purpose and happiness in your life, then you have come to the right place.

The Maha Mantra

The ancient, sacred Bhakti Yoga philosophy tell us that sound was the beginning of creation. On planet earth, transcendental mantra meditation is our direct connection to the purity of this sound.

Here you can listen to a sample of the sacred sound of the Maha Mantra sung to a particular melody.

To find out more about the Maha Mantra and to hear other sample melodies and mantras, check them out at 

Sacred Sound.

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"O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me.
Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread."

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 7.7

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