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In Deep

In Deep

We are definitely in it. Real deep!

We are in an age where technology is seen as fundamental to our very survival.

And technology just keeps advancing. There is no end in sight.

‘Now, what’s wrong with that?’ You may say. ‘Society is now more advanced than ever before’.

Well, this is where the confusion can lie. If we allow ourselves to be guided by the lie.

The lie I refer to here is the lie that technology represents the advancement of human society.

Einstein has himself said: ‘Science can tell us how things are, not how things should be’.

So what exactly is happening if we are not actually advancing as human society?

To know this, we need to understand what actually does represent human advancement in the real sense.

When we make the mistake of identifying technology with the advancement of human society, it is akin to identifying ourselves with only our own bodies.

Real Advancement

The ancient sacred teachings of the Bhakti Yoga tradition emphasise that we are all spiritual beings temporarily housed within these bodies.

These bodies, both gross (the physical body) and subtle (mind, intelligence and false ego), are dense coverings of our true, sublime spiritual natures.

They are actually our bondage and our job while on this planet is to break free of them once and for all.

True advancement of humanity is when we come closer to uncovering our true spiritual natures, which will free us from these heavy, sometimes golden chains of the material body and everything that it does, including inventing technology.

Why do we value qualities such as compassion, kindness, tolerance, patience? It’s because these are fundamental aspects of our true spiritual nature, just wanting to burst through.

Why however do we often fall short of personally embodying these qualities without fail, all the time?

It is not because we are advanced!

Layers of Conditioning

It is because we are conditioned by the bodies within which we find ourselves. We are hidden under layers of conditioning.

These layers of conditioning are almost impenetrable and represent that which we definitely are not.

They represent what we could really do without and indeed hinder our progress towards true spiritual advancement.

They are impenetrable in the sense that without proper spiritual guidance and understanding, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes, returning again and again to the material plane in different bodies which reflect our previous choices.

To break this cycle of reincarnation is practically impossible without the knowledge by which to do it.

It’s our conditioning that makes us behave in ways that we don’t always understand or that are not necessarily in the interests of anyone, including ourselves, and often causes ourselves and others distress in the process.

It’s our conditioning that gets us into trouble, causes trouble and, takes the trouble to distract us from our true mission in life…. which is to emerge from the stifling chrysalis of waiting and despair (our different bodies life after life) and to fly to freedom, fully evolved and complete in spiritual truth.

So our job is to decondition ourselves and for this, a process is required.

The Most Sophisticated Technology

Now everything can be used in this endeavour including technology, however, technology is not the point. Nor is it our master.

The point is that we are the most sophisticated technology we could ever imagine and that we are much more than we could ever pretend to be.

Our master is the wisdom which helps us understand this for ourselves.

This wisdom comes from ancient authoritative sources that knew how humanity would be struggling today.

Out of their compassion we have been given the knowledge of our true spiritual identities and our relationship with the supreme spiritual identity - Krishna, God or He has infinite other names.

This is not about blind faith, giving yourself away or relinquishing your personal power.

It’s about real knowledge and tapping into a power that is the origin of everything, including technology.

It’s about recognising that we don’t actually know everything, including what we need to evolve spiritually.

It’s about opening up to advancement of the kind that does not trash the earth, other people or yourself.

It’s ultimately about love - the love we hanker for but which always seems just out of our grasp.

Claim it

This is our birthright and we can choose to claim this priceless inheritance - if we want it.

The process of deconditioning ourselves and uncovering the shining brilliance of the true nature of the soul is thankfully a joyful one.

Luckily for you and me, we now have access (probably more than ever before thanks to technology!:-)), to the ancient sacred teachings that guide us on the path towards true advancement and personal evolution.

Of course when we personally evolve, humanity evolves. That is real advancement.

The teachings I speak of are the Bhakti Yoga philosophy, culture, lifestyle and practice that is the spiritual answer to technology (and everything else).

It responds by reminding us, jogging our memories, of who we truly are underneath all of the frustration, failure, disappointment, anger, guilt and pain that is often our current day reality.

It reminds us that we need to look no further than our own hearts to find what we are desperately looking for.

I mean how much longer do we have to keep looking for that which we already have?

Well, we can stop looking right now and start discovering our eternal and blissful nature as a spirit soul.

Best of all we can hook up our own unique spirit soul with the Supreme Spirit Soul, Krishna in a sacred connection and start dancing to a different tune, the tune of divine love.

Anything that emerges from this dance has the power to transform and revolutionise our lives in ways that ultimately sets us free.

Because this kind of freedom is the kind of advancement that humanity needs.

And we don’t have to win the space race to succeed.


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